I grew up in a suburb of Buffalo, New York. There, I learned to love (and at times, hate) the Bills and the Sabres, endured long winters, and worked in the kitchen of a pizza shop. I went to college at the Rochester Institute of technology, where I studied physics. About halfway through my degree, I discovered the ideas of Effective Altruism. Since then, I’ve been working to figure out how I can build my skills and do the most good possible with my career.

I started working at the Federal Reserve in 2019, helping economists with policy and research work in international finance. In this role, I became a co-author on several research projects (see the projects page), written R packages, and learned much about finance, economics, and data science.

In March 2022, I started work at Open Philanthropy as an Operations Associate. I help to make the organization run more smoothly by automating things and developing new organizational tools and systems. We’re often hiring, check out the jobs page!

Some other quick facts about me:

  • I have two cats, Woodrow and Eleanor
  • I ran the (virtual) Marine Corps marathon in 2020, finishing in around 5 hours
  • I once helped build a trebuchet that threw pumpkins over 300 feet
  • I play the banjo with extremely middling proficiency
  • I greatly enjoy watching professional Starcraft (both I and II)

Chris Webster